Level Zero Headphone

Level Zero Headphone is one of S.A.Lab's the most affordable products from Entry Level line. The amplifier embodies company's long experience in creating high quality audiophile components.
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S.A.Lab Level Zero Headphone is built on germanium solid state devices гт404 and гт402 those are made in Russia. Lately S.A.Lab repeatedly proved germanium's the most extraordinary advantages.

The amplifier's signal outputs are controlled by means of transformers designed and produced in-house by S.A.Lab.

Power supplies are regulated for left and right channels.

On the front panel there are two 6,3-mm headphone outputs, power toggle switch and volume control. Line input and output are from the rear.

Well thought-out schematic design coupled with germanium magic and solid power supplying resulted in sound that attracts audiophiles all around.

Remarkable musicality at a moderate price — that is S.A.Lab Level Zero Headphone.


Output power, W — 2 х 1,5
THD, % — 0,07
Intermodulation, % — 0,05
Signal-to-noise ratio, dB — 120
Dimensions, mm — 300 х 180 х 135
Weight, kg — 5,0