Interconnects cables

Precious metals and high quality premium brend connectors are used in S.A.Lab cables.
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For a long time S.A.Lab was improving signal transmission for company's products. After numerous experiments we came to realization of optimal conductor material and cable design. Result is line of high-tech interconnects to uncover huge potential of S.A.Lab amplifiers, phono preamplifiers etc. Our cables create unique effect of sound clearing and harmonization. Engineering art clues music mysteries!

We choose high purity gold plated copper as conductor material. It is the best way for uncolored and natural sound.

S.A.Lab RCA-cables include two litz structures of 5000 ultrathin high purity monocrystal copper wires those are independently plated with gold and lacquer. We adopt high quality cotton for inner insulation. Total shielding is made of braided copper threads. Shield contacts to only one connector therefore it doesn't conduct musical signal.

Insulated and shielded litz conductors are placed into silica organic tube armed with carbon fiber to control cable stretching and durability.

To prevent oxidation tube is filled with inert gas argon that is totally ousted air. Tube is sealed on both sides.